Friday, November 24, 2006

ten years ago. I like internet and it is still

about 12 years ago, I met internet,

I love to it first sight. so, I am only think it 12 years.

now, I work in the internet company

I am be web planner,

tommorrow, I will start my service, UCC service...

my company support all resource, and I do my best!

It is start .. ~~!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

‘Zzap pai’

‘Zzap pai’ is reviewed many netizen, they say ‘ ‘Zzap pai’ is very similar ‘Kill Bill’ ( Director don’t like this opinion J ), another opinion , He’s best movie is ‘Arahan jangpung deajakjun’, but, it’s tiny mis-understand, Kill Bill is influenced by ‘hong kong ‘ 60 – 70 years, and Director very much like this movie, many people expect with Dynamic action scene, but, It’s really surpise, great idea scene,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'Jo in sung' He is returned as 'Dirty trick street'

Jo In Sung' , He is a Korean world movie star,
He return at 'Dirty trick street'
Hajeabong ( Korea famous reviewer )
Hajeabong say “ This movie is bad, because, ‘Jo in sung’ ( this movie leading actor ). It’s not ‘Jo in sung’s act skill, but, ‘Jo in sung’’s image.
He’s image that it’s good and weak, So, It’s not match with hooligan,
‘Jo in sung’ not is match hooligan but, he is match with feigned innocence. So, it’s success casting.
‘Byoungdu’, Jo in sung’s movie name, is hooligan, but his future is not certainly, 29 years old, don’t have parents, and don’t forget about his first love
So, That is because that ‘Jo in Sung’’ Is nice match with ‘Byoungdu’

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Personality and the opinion of minority is danger

Korean is single race, almost man must go to an army, almost student must similar study, etc,
so, Korean is very cooperation about nation isse, for exmaple Worldcup cheering
( many people know Korean is very very cheering about Korea Worldcup Team in 2002 year )
It's the Koreans Stong, but, otherside, It's very danger.
Because, It's kill personality and diversity of opinion not say.
many Korean worry about it, So, It's better and better,
Personality and the opinion of minority is danger Yet

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I like go to bookstore

I like go to bookstore, korea have a 2 big bookstore, one is the 'Younpung Mungo' , another is 'Kyobo Mungo '
( 'Jong ro Seo Jeok' was the big bookstore , but closed now. 'Libro' is the darkhorse in the bookstore maket, but, many korean don't like 'Libro'
becase, boss is the son of 'Jun doo hwan' who is dictator during 1981 ~ 1988 years)

when I was university student, I went to bookstore everyday, Becasue, I like very very much Internet, So, everyday I read book about internet, and surfing intenet, It's free at there, It is go to countinued university graduation ( so, I become internet planner )

but, I have gone to company, I go to bookstore every two weeks nearly,

when, I go to bookstory, almost I only read a book, Not buy, ( seldom buy it )
but, It's my joy, so, it's very important for me .

Monday, June 12, 2006

small internet company smaller and smaller

Korea have 6 big portal site, there are Naver,Daum.Nate,Yahoo, empass, Paran,
( in fact, Number 1 port Naver )
In korea, internet is same portal site, Naver is monopoly company about internet search market, they are share 68.72% last year ( 170,500,000,000 / 320,000,000,000 Won )
the other side, small and middle internet company are smaller and smaller, ( Ddanji ilbo ranked 625 grade last year, there is ranked 106 grade 3 years age, Kbench (88 grade →247 grade ) and media mob (363 grade →537 grade ), ohmynews (38grade →96 grade )

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

why walmart and carrefour fail in korea

Walmart and Carrefour are fail in korea. They sell Korea's store last month,
It's no wonder fail.
Why they are fail Korea?
because, their bad service
I like to go to discount store. So, I often go threre about every week ( 'E-mart','Wal-mart, Home plus )
I like best walmart of them. because, walmart is cheap. but, almost korean don't like them.
Walmart and carrefour are bad service, so, notwithstanding they sell cheap price, many korean don't like them.
for example, interior is poor.
korean want luxury interior. because, go to discount store. It's recreation !
so, want to luxury interior. many Korean go to there about every week.
inconvenience shopping. ( specailly, Carrefour )
parking and elevator is very small, only up escalator ( down escalator not be 'bucheon' Carrefour store ),
To buy a things. go to long move. It's very inconvenience
but, most important !
They sell that korean don't like things.